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3D Recombinant  Protein Hydrogel

Unveil next-generation therapeutics through advance in biomaterials 


Product & Servie

LitGel   Hydrogel for 3D Cell Culture


LitGel   Hydrogel for 3D Cell Culture


LitGel   is a photoresponsive protein hydrogel, which enables fast cell encapsulation and cell recovery at room temperature and pressure. It starts gelation at dark and exhibits a rapid gel-sol transition under light exposure. Unlike other hydrogels extracted from the ECM of animal cells, LitGel   is a genetically engineered elastin-like protein hydrogel without animal origins. It highly mimics in vivo environments similar to those tissues by supporting cell adhesion and migration.   



Features & Benefits

  • Biocompatible to a multitude of  cells (3T3 fibroblasts, mesenchymal stem cells, neurons, cancer cells, Jurkat, macrophage etc.)​​


  • Simple, easy to use, no harm to cells

  • Transparent for cell observation 

  • Customizable in viscoelasticity and bioactivities


How does it work?

LitGel consists of three main components: two elastin-based engineered proteins and biocompatible gelator. It is formed by self-assembly of the protein polymers through mixing them together. 

  • Elastin-based polymer A


  • Elastin-based polymer B


  • Gelation solution works at room temperature in the dark


  • Cell interactive components (e.g. RGD) & some cytokines (LIF) could be added


Our Innovative Technology

LitGel is created by our proprietary recombinant protein hydrogel technology, which allows customization on the viscoelasticity and bioactivities and thus, we could develop a board pipeline of hydrogel products specific to research applications. The design and fabrication are entirely based on protein engineering and cellular synthesis.     



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About us

SPES Tech is a research-intensive biotechnology startup with a mission to unveil next-generation therapeutics through advance in biomaterials. It is founded to provide cutting-edge hydrogel solutions for 3D and organoid culture for biomedical research to better understand the pathology of diseases. We also leverage the technology to develop a high-throughput cell screening system for pre-clinical evaluation of cell-based therapy.



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